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Guitar School



     Two unorthodox guitar effects:

To make your guitar sound like a timpani drum...  Get a crap CD and weave it into your guitar strings near the bridge and saddle.  Now tap on it.  Pretty cool right?!?!

To make your guitar sound like bells...  Cross strings over one another by changing their positions on the nut or just pull one over the other.  Then pluck the strings a few times.  did you break your strings? sorry.

     HERE are your essential guitar CHORDS!  If you want to play guitar and sing songs around a campfire, you're going to want to know some chords.



A hammer-on is a playing technique performed on a stringed instrument by sharply bringing a fretting-hand finger down on the fingerboard behind a fret, causing a note to sound.


The pull-off is a technique guitarists use on a fretted string that is already ringing. By lightly "pulling" the string while removing the finger holding down the note, a new note can be played without re-picking the string. The pull-off is, in a way, the opposite of the hammer-on

     Tone: strum at different spots and if you are playing electric blend that with different pickup settings.

     Tuning: if you are learning covers standard is the way to go.  But drop D is great for hard rock.

          DADGAD tuning is dreamy and mysterious.  Or maybe you just wanna create your own tuning! 

  Is it a more subtle variation... or is it totally bonkers?? 

SPEED!!! A harder guitar pick lends itself to faster shredding.

CAGED system:

  use this overlap and stretch your brain finding different styles, moods, & articulations of one idea. 

CAGED guitar diagram.gif
Pictured Below: LYDIAN DOMINANT - the clown with a knife scale.
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